1. General Provision
    1. The agreement is concluded between the Organizer and the Member (individual). The agreement defines the terms and procedure for the provision of services. The addressee of the agreement is an individual, who plans to interact with the Organizer and receive an established list of services from the latter.
    2. The present Agreement determines the right of the Organizer to use all incoming funds at its own discretion with a view to maximizing the profitability of the working capital of the
    3. Each Member receives a profit, the amount of which is indicated on the Organizer’s website, in accordance with selected investment plan.
    4. By registering on the web site , the Member automatically accepts all provisions of the present Agreement. The Member undertakes to fully comply with the Company’s Rules, the list of which is provided in the Agreement. Violation of any of the clauses of the Agreement constitutes the basis for the termination of the provision of services and the blocking of the account.
    5. Both parties (the Organizer and the Member) confirm the legal force of this Agreement.
  2. The Parties to the Agreement
    1. Registration and further use of the Company’s services are available exclusively to adults (18 years of age).
    2. The Member confirms and takes responsibility for each of his actions on the web site
    3. The Organizer adheres to a strict privacy policy. Personal data of Member, information about financial transactions are not disclosed and are not transferred to third parties.
  3. Rights and Obligations of the Member
    1. Only a person of age, who acts within the legal framework of the state of which he is a resident, can use the services and become a Project Member.
    2. The Organizer may block the Member‘s Personal account, when the latter disseminates false or false information damaging the Company’s reputation.
    3. The Member undertakes to convey accurate and truthful information about himself in full. The Organizer can request reliable information about the person to identify the Member as the owner of the Personal account on the Company’s web site
    4. The Member can register one account on the site, where he is able to invest in one of the presented investment programs. Violation of this clause will result in the blocking of all accounts of the Member, as well as the cancellation of his deposit.
    5. The Member receives the right to receive profit according to the selected investment program.
    6. The Member can participate in the Partnership program from using a special referral link. Involvement of new investors, who have made a deposit and activated the investment program, is the basis for receiving compensation according to the Partnership program.
    7. The Member is not allowed to use the referral link for electronic spam mailings. The Organizer can block the Member’s account in case of violation.
    8. The Member assumes responsibility for the safety of his passwords and other sensitive information. The Organizer disclaims any responsibility in the event of disclosure of personal data by the Member.
    9. The Member is obliged to apply to the Customer Support, if there is a malfunction or incorrect operation of the site for reporting this fact. The Organizer can block the account and cancel the deposit of the Member, if the latter used problems on the web site in his favor.
  4. Rights and Obligations of the Organizer
    1. The Organizer provides access to the web site without making an additional fee and the possibility of investing in one of the presented programs.
    2. The Organizer may temporarily restrict or terminate the provision of services without prior notice to the Member, when conducting preventive works or reconstructing the site.
    3. The Organizer may provide various additional services, the details of which are governed by this Agreement. The Organizer can change the conditions for providing services at his own discretion at any time.
    4. The Company is not responsible for technical failures in the operation of the web site software. In case of errors and incorrect operation of the investment platform, all results of activities received during the technical malfunction will be corrected or canceled upon the decision of the Organizer.
    5. The Organizer can adjust the terms of the Partnership program and the investment program. These amendments can be made by the Organizer unilaterally.
    6. The Organizer can freeze or delete a member account that violates the Company’s rules that offend the employees or investors of the project.
  5. Partnership Program
    1. When registering, all Members receive a personal referral link to expand their own partnership network and connect new investors to the project.
    2. The Member is prohibited from using a referral link to register multiple accounts.
    3. Creating multiple Personal accounts from the same IP address is prohibited. An exception is the use of one computer or IP address by relatives or family members. However, accounts created from the same IP address should not be linked by a referral link. The Organizer may request from the Member the data that was indicated by him during registration, as well as documents for the confirmation of the identity. In case of violations, the Organizer has the right to block the account.
    4. The Organizer can cancel the Member’s deposit, Partnership reward, as well as the profit received in case of violation of this Agreement. Any activity that entailed the unjustified receipt of the Partnership reward is the basis for blocking the Member’s account and irrevocably withdrawing funds.
  6. Final Provision
    1. By registering, the Member confirms that he agrees with all the abovementioned Rules and Regulations.
    2. The present Agreement comes into force upon registration of the Member on the project site
    3. Any information presented on the pages of the web site is a part of this Agreement.